COVIDshield against COVID-19

Timely case detection

Self-management and remote patient monitoring

Contact tracing

Safe cross-border travelling

Self Management

From IoT to personalised questionnaires

Digital health agenda and smart dialogue assistant to help with treatment plan adherence

Patient engagement through self assessment tools about mood condition

Self-confidence out of virtual patient experiential learning tool


Manage privacy and consent to your own and your family’s data.

Specified access to healthcare professionals

Collect and aggregate data from information sources and the IoT world under patient’s control of data usage


Provides modern patient-doctor collaboration tools

  • Alerts
  • Reminders
  • Appointments
  • Teleconferences
  • Goal oriented shared care Plans
  • Patient collaboration
  • Portals and social tools for inspiration and support


Support of international standards and EU eHealth interoperability framework.
Unlock the value of data for the gain of end users and innovators


EhealthpassTM is an innovative feature rich patient centered platform for family health and chronic disease management. It provides health records’ access, multi-language information sharing with professionals and relatives, treatment planning and monitoring, emergency support and geolocation, with a focus on patient consent and privacy. It also supports an open ecosystem where developers can utilize the infrastructure for app development.

Created by:

suitable for

Cross border
interoperability leaders

A ten year experience in the eHealth digital infrastructure

global collaboration with 9 countries across Europe

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